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Download Arturia - ARP2600 2.0 Brass 2.0.1 CS-80 2.0 Minimoog v2.0.1

Arturia - ARP2600 2.0, Brass 2.0.1, CS-80 2.0, Minimoog V 2.0.1
ARP 2600 - a legendary semi-modular analog synthesizer designed by Alan R. Perlman. In this distribution of reliable software simulation tool.
Brass - an instrument based on physical modeling sound of wind instruments.
CS-80 - is a software simulation of not less legendary synthesizer Yamaha CS-80. Plug faithfully reproduces the sounds of hardware models and repeated in many of its appearance. Yamaha CS-80 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1977. Yamaha CS-80 used by many famous musicians among them Jean-Michel Jarre. This soft-decision will somehow mimic the sound of the legendary musician.