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Download Bornemark - Broomstick Bass 1.0.0 VSTi

Bornemark - Broomstick Bass 1.0.0 VSTi
Broomstick Bass - the best virtual bass player for VST-compatible applications. The program was developed Bornemark Software, the authors of the idea of ??Groove Agent and Virtual Guitarist. Broomstick Bass - samoigrayuschy new musical instrument that can be used to avtoakkompanimenta, to help composers and arrangers, as well as a library of bass sounds of exceptional quality. For the game enough to take a few chords on the keyboard, and the program will build on the specified harmonic on the bass riffs and sequences. In addition to the large number of available patterns, the program can be used for independent game with the keyboard.
Key features:
Over 20 multisemplirovannyh classic and special instruments: electric and acoustic bass guitars (playing a pick, fingers, slap, effects, Vibrato, etc.), keyboard and pedal basses.
Engine musical MIDI engine, creating a real-time realistic, basic, typical and special bass lines.
The ability to use a tool like samoigrayuschego, reading chords, and as usual, playing "their" party virtual bass instrument.
All presets are categorized by styles and sub-genres.