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Download Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine 1.5.0 STANDALONE.VSTi.RTAS.AU WIN.OSX

Combining the power of analog synthesis, physical modeling and samples, along with an intuitive workflow-iron drum machine, Spark is a creative center for creating beats. Spark will save you time in finding the right set of shock and surprise you with its incredible simplicity and sound capabilities.
With a full library of drum machines, electronic analog drums, acoustic and physical shock, Spark - your weapon to create unique grooves no matter where you were in the studio or on stage.
Key features:
Pristine quality sound engines including: TAE analog synthesis, physical modelling, and multi-layered samples provided by our top-tier development partners.
1620 instruments / 110 kits (extended 1.5 library):
Vintage drum machines: analog emulations of the TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, Simmons SDS-V, and Eprom based Linn Drum, Drumtraks, DMX, Drumulator and more *.
10 new emulations from Spark Vintage Drum Machines (1.4.1 version): CR-78, Mini Pops 7, Ace Tone FR-2L, Yamaha MR 10, Maestro Rhythm King MRK2, Boss DR-55, E-mu-SP -12, Roland DR-727, Roland R-8, Casio VL-Tone and SK-1.
Electronic kits covering the most popular modern music styles: EDM, Dubstep, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop ... as well as experimental possibilities thanks to our physical modelling engine.
Acoustic drum kits mixing physical modelling and samples for high audio realism.
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