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Download Intuisphere WebAcappella Professional v4.3.38-DVT

The Web is moving forward, WebAcappella too!
The Web is constantly moving forward: following
these evolutions ensures the visibility and the
compatibility for your Website
WebAcappella 4 offers a publication format that is
respectful of the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3
and JQuery) and is totally compatible with the
latest Internet browsers (IE9, Firefox, Safari
Chrome, Opera, etc..) and your Smartphone or other
mobile technology (Tablet)
Be more efficient!
With the new features available in the workspace
organize your pages and elements in a better way
Group, isolate, hide, lock or align your elements
to work on your Website more effectively and more
quickly. Whether you are an amateur or a
professional Webmaster, these new features make
your life easier. You will enjoy creating websites
like never before!
Show your style!
Only a few fonts are universal and available on all
computers (Arial, Times New Roman, Comics, etc.)
To overcome this technical constraint, WebAcappella
allows you to use Google Web Fonts as provided by
Google. Download and install the Google web fonts
and use them on your website! Unleash your
imagination and let WebAcappella do the rest!