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Download DS Catia V5-6R2013 P2

In April 2012, Dassault Systemes announced the industrys best multi-version compatibility, allowing V5 and V6 users to share and edit parts at the feature level. OEMs or suppliers in all industries gained the flexibility to modify and exchange designs, whether they are V5- or V6-native, as they progress through the design process. V5-6R2013 extends the scope of this capability to include features created in the Freestyle workbench.
CATIA Composites Fiber Modeler (CFM)
CATIA best-in-class composite solutions integrate the design, analysis, and manufacture of structures made from fiber-reinforced materials. CATIA Composites Fiber Modeler (CFM), a new product in CATIA V5-6R2013, provides robust and accurate fiber simulation to optimize ply shapes and ensure accurate manufacturing. This proven and widely-used technology from Simulayt, acquired by Dassault Systemes in October 2011, is now fully integrated into CATIA V5. Real-world components incorporate awkward features like sharp corners, splits, and rapid changes in curvature. These requirements quickly trap fiber simulation tools that have not been developed with real geometry in mind. The Simulayt technology is routinely used to analyze complex surfaces, particularly in the aerospace, helicopter, and motorsport industries. For example, the majority of successful Formula 1 cars are developed using Simulayt technology.
CATIA 2D Layout Browser (LO0)
This product enables the browsing of 2D Layout for 3D Design (LO1) data in a CATIA session, without the need for an LO1 authoring license. This capability allows users to achieve 2D and 3D visualization of 2D Layout for 3D Design data, advanced multi-sheet printing, drawing generation, product data filtering, and non-persistent measuring. LO0 is now part of basic CATIA configurations such as MD1, MD2, and HD2.
Step AP242 Support
CATIA V5-6R2013 demonstrates increased openness with the support for the latest STEP AP242, Application Protocol For Managed Model-based 3D Engineering, an automotive and aerospace standard for data exchange, visualization, and long term archiving of 3D models. In particular, it enables import and export of ISO standard BREP and Tessellated data. Driven by the aerospace and automotive industries, the recent development of STEP AP242 demonstrates the increased adoption of 3D Master in these industries. AP242 is a merge and enhancement of AP203 and AP214. This enhancement includes support for tessellated STEP AP242, providing a vendor-independent, ISO standards-based approach to exchanging compressed and tessellated data.
Multiple enhancements streamline the Class A surfacing workflow
With V5-6R2013, CATIA ICEM Shape Design Extends its high-end Class A Surface modelling capabilities, leveraging extended interoperability with ICEMSURF. The combination of ICEMSURF and CATIA ICEM provides the perfect suite of complementary tools for full Class A process coverage, from conceptualising through to final refinement and high-end detailed design. This release delivers increased productivity through user-interface enhancements and improved graphics performance. Seamless Integration with ICEMSURF increases design confidence and new blending extensions allow users to create higher quality surfaces first time around.
CATIA Configurations let you choose the right solution corresponding to your needs. They contain a predefined list of products adapted to the most frequent user profiles across industries and processes :
Version: V5-6R2013 P2 GA (SP0)
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
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