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Download Cinematic Strings v2.11u1 EV s Unofficial Update

Cinematic Strings v2.11u1 EV's Unofficial Update KONTAKT | 7.01GB
Cinematic Strings 2 is a completely redesigned and updated version of the original orchestral strings sample library. Whilst retaining the warm luscious tones produced in the world class Verbrugghen Hall of the Sydney Conservatorium, the new version features a sleek new interface and even smoother legato.
Because Cinematic Strings was created to meet the needs of working composers in todays film, television and video game industries, our focus has been to maximise both efficiency and authenticity. With this in mind it provides a realistic mockup tool, and an inspiring instrument - which will save you from all the hassle and wasted time spent tweaking parameters, modifying CC data, or applying drastic EQ and reverb effects to emulate the sound you're after.
Major update to newly released Cinematic Strings 2.11
What surprised me that they didn't fix this annoying humming noise in release tails and short notes. It's clearly hearable yet the developers didn't fix in anyway.
It came as a disappointment after downloading the entire library nevertheless I managed to get most of the annoying buzzing out of the samples.
Used two different algorithms in my favourite noise reduction VST - Izotope RX Advanced Denoiser, one stronger for release tails and one milder for short notes. Bottom line, some buzzing is still there but it has been greatly attenuated. I've done numerous A/B quality comparison and the fixed samples don't show any signs of worsened quality.
The process took me two hours fiddling with the denoisers' controls and another 22 hours CPU time and 478WHr of consumption. rofl
In the end, all samples were successfully cleaned from most of the hum.
Changes in nki patches include:
- fixed decay time for release tails from 25 to 3 seconds (who could ever do such a mistake tongue )
- compatibility tweaks for UltraTKT randomization script (google it) - very useful for such "dirty" library as CSPE2
- fix modwheel (CC1) dynamic transition on zero level not to mute the sound, in previous version the lowest position (0) triggered real "pp" samples. This may not sound as important but may have some impact on the quality of the performance. So far I wasn't successful in fixing it