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Download PhotoModeler 5.0 Professional

PhotoModeler 5.0 Professional
A unique package for the creation and simulation of real 3-dimensional world! This package contains a complete set of professional tools for 3-D modeling of the photos. Take a picture of your child and make it 3D-image model. Or create a 3-D model of a part, which is difficult to draw and design.
Import photos of the project and set in a window approximate location camera positions, which were used to make every photograph. The next step - implementation manual alignment operation of the camera relative to the object in order to fit it on the photograph during certain for him at the beginning of the dimensions (the combination of object size is done by pointing device "on top" of existing photos). The next step - marking reference points which will be used by the three-dimensional model. During the marking points, the program gives each of them a unique number. These numbers are used in the next step of processing - "binding" of the individual brands in all the pictures (views) of the object.