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Download Astute WIDTHSCRIBE Designer 1.0.1 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator

WidthScribe is a unique plugin to enhance your vector work enabling you to vary multiple width strokes with both ease and speed. The results bring your work to life and create real depth and impact. Use the Width Brush Tool to define aspects of your art with quick and simple sweeps. It offers the intuitive ease of a real brush and allows for a variety of artist effects such as engraving style or natural drawing, fully preserving the editable vector nature of the artwork. The Width Gradient Tool gives you the precision you need to boost perspective, enhance unique geometric patterns and sculpt by strokes. As always with our plugins, we've made it easy for you to control with presets, live feedback and more for a great user experience. Other tools include the Width Selector tool to taper lines in seconds, numeric control, averaging and smoothing, as well as randomisation and optimisation functions.