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Download Astute SubScribe Designer 1.4.0 Plugin for Illustrator

SubScribe Designer is a great addition to Adobe Illustrator providing essential design control... and it's now FREE to all!Start downloading today and experience the benefits Astute Graphics' range of acclaimed tools can bring to your creative workflow.
About SubScribe Designer
SubScribe logoSubScribe Designer is a creative workflow enhancement tool for all designers working in Illustrator. It provides simple access to common drawing tasks such as lines to/from curve tangents or perpendiculars and circles and arcs defined by 2 or 3 points.
Another key function is the Orient tool which allows users to rotate or straighten objects intuitively, precisely and easily.
All tools may now be previewed in the full range of movies. These tools are designed to work seamlessly with Astute Graphics existing workflow enhancements as well as Adobe Illustrator and will further speed-up a wide range of design tasks.