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Download D and CO Salon et salle manger 3D

Want to rearrange your living room? To redesign your dining room? Get inspired and create a few clicks of your new room living room ...
New 3D engine for real-time rendering more realistic
Thousands of objects to build and decorate your living room
Customize to infinity all objects: dimensions, textures
An assistant interior
Step by step video for an easy start!
Build on the many projects included in the software
View or edit your project directly on the 3D view
And consider all the possibilities with the full catalog
Want to change your furniture? Create a mezzanine?
Customize your home to your changing needs
But also your baseboards, friezes and even door handles
Change colors has never been so easy
With thousands of materials and colors available
View the report of day and night
To simplify your life:
Calculators Special Decoration: Painting, tiling
Calculate the quantities needed for your work!
A complete glossary of DIY
BONUS! Videos of the show D & CO
NEW! Diagnose and improve the energy efficiency of your home!