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Download YAMAHA Plugins Pack 2013 March 12

YAMAHA Final Master v1.0.0 RETAIL-R2R
An essential tool for any type of production, Final Master is a high-quality multi-band dynamics processor that adds punch and clarity to your final mix. This VST/Audio Units plug-in provides a number of presets, created by professional recording engineers, for most any style of music. Virtually all forms of music today are mastered at professional mastering suites. With Final Master, the mastering suite is right in your computer.
YAMAHA Pitch Fix v1.0.3 RETAIL-R2R
Pitch Fix automatically corrects slight pitch and intonation inconsistencies of vocal and instrument tracks to make them sound smoother and more professional. Using advanced algorithms, this VST/Audio Units plug-in faithfully preserves the formants of the original sound, delivering natural sounding pitch correction without unwanted artifacts. Pitch Fix can also be used to create the perfect backing vocal parts for your tracks by simply modifying the lead vocal track.
* The VST version of S-YXG50.
* 706 sounds. (676 instruments + 30 drum kits)
* Supports GM2/XG/MIDI Data.
* GM1/XG Lite compatible
* 32 polyphonic
* 361 instruments + 10 drum kits + 2 SFX
* 17 Reverb, 17 Chorus
Vocal Rack is a VST/Audio Units multi-effect plug-in specifically designed for recording and processing vocals. It includes a high-pass filter, compressor, enhancer, 3-band EQ, de-esser, noise gate and delay - all in one easy-to-edit solution. It comes with a variety of presets created by professional engineers, ready for you to use in your music.