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Download Two Worlds II - Gold Edition

Two Worlds II - Gold Edition (2013/MULTi8/SteamRip by RG Origins)
2013 | PC | Developer: Reality Pump Studios | Publisher: TopWare Interactive | 7.43GB
Language : Russian , English, German, French , Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech
Sound language: Russian , English, German, French
Genre: Action / RPG
In the game "Two Worlds II you will become the hero of the epic stories of the indomitable lust for power, questionable alliances and the mysterious Queen of Dragons. In addition , "Pirates of the Flying Fortress" in full sail go surf Antalor seas in search of new adventures.
's been five years since the dramatic events that led Antalor on the edge of a precipice. The protagonist is confined in a dungeon gloomy castle, and his sister Kira is in the clutches of the dark lord Gandohar drugged a powerful spell. Evil tries to awaken an ancient power and take over Antalor, and the hero can not resist dark magic ...
However, when desperation has reached the limit, there was hope: to the great surprise of the hero, his sworn enemies of the orcs freed from his shackles. There are more questions than answers. Why Orcs have helped him? Who is the Queen of dragons? Can I trust her? So begins a perilous journey through the lands, desecrated darkness. Only when confronted face to face with the enemy, the hero will be able to shed some light on the past Gandohar to find a way to defeat a powerful magician and save Cyrus, so - and the world.
unique atmosphere RPG Two Worlds II, already charmed many fans of the genre, has become even more saturated c complement "Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress", enriched with fresh nuances. New Territories, unprecedented still weather events - storms, storms and thunderstorms, unseen enemies, wonderful talents and skills of the hero, exotic weapons - "Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress" will surprise even the most experienced players interesting and well-implemented ideas. " Two Worlds II: Castle Defense " - real time strategy game, where fans of the series Two Worlds for the first time to play the role of villains - the emperor and his henchman Gandohar Sordahona. Using the gift of foresight and other skills that you have to protect the abandoned ruins, dark forests and winding catacombs of rapid Orcs, as well as to protect the throne and fortress Gandahora Osvarota, using different tactics and weaponry.
" A flexible combat system that combines a variety of options for attacks, blocking attacks and special techniques
" Complex systems of magic and alchemy, weapons and armor, designed specifically for the project "Two Worlds II"
" Dynamic and diverse gameplay: a set of mini-games, unique bosses, each of which requires a special approach, the allies who fought on the side of the hero
" Conquering Antalor on foot, on horseback and on a sailing boat, and magic portals to quickly overcome any distance.
Release Information:
" Steam Application ID: 7520
" The signature of the purchase: Two Worlds II Bundle (Steam Store)
" The system of protection: Steamworks, Serial + Custom
" Game Version 1.3.7, downloaded 26 April 2013 grams and is fully compliant activated on Steam licensed version of the game.
" No need for third-party installers and updates. Game content is fully spool and packed in a simple installer with little compression.
Codes are entered in the pause menu under "Enter the bonus code"
3542 - 3274 - 8350 - 6064 Elexorien Sword
4149 - 3083 - 9823 - 6545 Dragon Scale Armor
6972 - 5760 - 7685 - 8477 Labyrinth
2765 - 1058 - 8103 - 1838 Hammer of Kroll