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Download BYclouder Adobe File Recovery

Recover lost adobe software generated files from any storage device. The main function is recovery lost adobe generated files from any storage device, these storage device including: hard drive, CD-ROM, digital camera memory card,etc. BYclouder Adobe File Recovery ignores the file system layer, direct recovery from the media layer. Even if the file system has been severely damaged or formatted, so it can still work.
Detail Information:
File system:FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2/ext3/ext4 file system, HFS +.
File Format:Support most file formats contains pdf,ai,psd,abr,acd,dng,xmp,tpl,ses,ado,csh,asl,etc.
Device Support :
-CF card
-Memory Stick
-Secure Digital
-Smart Media Card
-Micro drive
-USB memory drive
-Hard disk
-CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray
-Digital camera / video camera
-Memory card
-USB drive
-PC/Laptop: Dell, IBM, HP, Toshiba, Sony??
-Android tablet computer
-Windows Tablet
-Mobile Phone: iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android phone.
-MP4 Player: iPod touch, iPod (Nano, Classic & Shuffle)
-Music player
-Pen drive
-Zip disks
-Game console
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