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Download Synapse Audio - Orion Platinum 7.11

Synapse Audio - Orion Platinum 7.11 + VSTi
Virtual Studio Orion Platinum 7.11 provides tools, effects, sequencer and mixer. Among the instruments have a sampler (format support Akai S 5000/6000, Kurzweil and SoundFont 2, two LFO, three envelope generators, separation function loops apart and rearrange parts), synthesizer Ultran (four oscillators, two LFO, three envelope generators, morphing samples by type Korg Wavestation), percussion synthesizer Tomcat, FM-synth Wasp
(three oscillators, two LFO, two envelope generators, effects processor, six modes of filters), 12-track sample-based drum machine Drums, bass simulator analog synthesizer Monobass, Simulator analog synthesizer drums XR-909 (eight sounds, editing each individual), table-wave synthesizer Wavefusion (three oscillators, three LFO, three envelope generators, three filter modes), synthesizer Plucked String (string-plucked string simulation tools). From there reverb effects, delay, chorus, parametric EQ, and others, with 29 algorithms. Patternovy sequencer (can work as a step or as a "piano roll"), supports editing, quantize (including templates), parameter automation, organization patterns in playlists, playback of pre-recorded audio tracks, unlimited levels of undo / redo. There arpeggiator. The mixer is on each channel fader, pan, mute, solo, level indicator, EQ, two inserts, sends four. There is a master section with four sends. Possible to automate all the controls mixer.