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Download Akvis All Plugins 2013 x86-x64

AKVIS All Plugins 2013 will make you the artist, restorer, a magician and a creative person. When you first turn the program AKVIS, a surprisingly simple interface box and 5-6 buttons when you hover over them exhaustively talk about their functions.
AKVIS AirBrush can turn a photo into a drawing in the art airbrush. The program acts as an art filter, changing the image and turning it into a aerographic pattern according to your preferences.
The first version
With AKVIS AirBrush can automatically convert any photo into a work of art. The program acts as an art filter, changing the image and turning it into a aerographic pattern according to your preferences. No need to perform complex manual work, draw lines and details with tools. Simply select one of the presets or play with the settings effect. The program will do everything herself!
AKVIS AirBrush equipped with a set of ready-made presets (40 presets), which facilitate and accelerate the introduction to the program and ease of use. Presets can be used as is, or, based on preset, change the settings to your liking. Import / export presets allows you to not only save different combinations of settings for future use, but also to share with other fans of the blanks of this impressive artistic technique.
The program supports batch file processing, ie the ability to automatically use the same settings to a series of photos, which is very handy when you need to make a lot of images in the same style or create a cartoon or comic strip of the video (with the help of time-lapse).
What is Airbrush
This is the technique of drawing on any surface using a special tool airbrush (airbrush - "air brush"), intended to spray paint. Due to the fact that this technique is non-contact, it allows you to apply thin light strokes, draws the fine details, and get blurred contours. The result looks stylish and impressive, and the perception may be as close to the picture, and to the painting.
AKVIS ArtSuite 9.5 helps to give the photos an original and festive look.
The program allows you to create a greeting card, a holiday album, a poster or a calendar, place the image in the frame to turn a color photo into a modern stylized black and white portrait, and even make color correction.
Methods of processing images in ArtSuite divided into two groups: Scope and Effects.
Recent changes
1. Fixed bug with incorrect display of styles in the library.
2. Fixed a bug in the plugin, after the Crop tool was used in a graphics editor.
3. Fixed error when first using the program ("pustyetekstury").
4. Fixed a bug that occurred when switching from manual drawing framework effects.
5. Added the ability (for manual drawing frames) to display the name of the package and the scope of the title bar of the program with packages framework and the file name if you use custom textures.
6. Improved compatibility with Windows 8.
AKVIS ArtWork 7.0 - the ideal solution, combining art and high technology. Artificial intelligence plays the role of the artist. The transformation happens before your eyes, you see, like pictures of a work of art is born!
Recent changes
1. Added a new style of painting - gouache.
2. Added preview images for presets AKVIS.
3. Fixed bugs, including a bug with images with transparent areas, the error in the 64-bit version of the plug-in, etc.
AKVIS Chameleon 8.0 - a program for those who love to create collages and amazing artistic compositions. Chameleon saves you time and effort, so it does not require precise selection of objects and careful handling of boundaries between insert and background. That is why the program got its name - it is "Chameleon", the color fits.
Recent changes
1. Added new option "Guide" which helps precise positioning fragment on the background image.
2. Fixed bugs.
3. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.
AKVIS Coloriage 9.0 - a program to colorize black-and-white photos and replacing colors on color images.
Recent changes
1. Improved pipette, which helps you to choose the colors more accurately. It has a ring of flowers with 5 sectors which displays information about the colors.
2. Added Hand and Zoom tools.
3. Added compatibility with Windows 8.
4. Added compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8.
5. Fixed an issue with the GPU in a Mac-version.
6. Added the possibility to hide the color strokes and the 3rd Strokes Preview mode ("the strokes are hidden") to the top panel.
7. Changed the icon for saving color pencil.
8. AutoSave folder is changed strokes. Now C: UsersPublicDocumentsAKVIS in Windows; HD / Users / Shared / AKVIS or Mac OS.
AKVIS Decorator 3.0 allows you to create a variety of things, from the realistic to the unimaginable.
The program changes the surface of the object, imposes a new texture, while maintaining the volume, shape, folds, shadows of the original image.
Recent changes
1. Added a separate version.
2. Added selection tools: brush selection, choice of bucket, magic wand and eraser, and these additional funds: increase and Hand.
3. Added new templates for texture library. Currently, the library has a 1824 texture.
4. Now you can load almost any images as textures users. Now you can use the following formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and the size of 50x50 pixels or more. In the previous version only downloads 100x100 pixels JPEG image texture.
5. Redesigned interface (new skin).
6. Changed the application icon.
7. Added Go to the product page button on the control panel.
8. Added option to hide / show the control panel.
9. The ability to configure the panel advice.
10. Deleted on the New button on the Options bar. Currently, the process changes the texture in the preview square starts automatically if you set up the texture (the angle of rotation, scale, color).
11. Updated settings dialog box.
12. The errors in both Win and Mac versions.
13. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Lion.
14. Added compatibility with Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements plug-in version 11.
15. Added options for licenses to splash the About window.
16. Support for 32-bit images.
AKVIS Enhancer 13.5 - program for processing photos, designed to improve the detail of the image, correcting tone areas and improve the sharpness and contrast of the image borders.
Recent changes
1. Added plug compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 11.
2. Improved compatibility with plug-in Corel X4 PSP.
3. Fixed a bug with specific color profiles.
4. Improved support for graphics processing units (inspection maximum available memory).
5. Fixed a bug and error EXIF ??orientation when saving as JPEG.
6. Fixed a bug that caused the crash of the program by using the GPU on Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion.
7. Added support for images from the camera Panasonic DMC-GX1.
8. Improved print dialog (if not installed printers).
AKVIS HDRFactory 3.5 - program to create images with high dynamic range, and for correcting photos.
Recent changes
1. Added Crop tool in the stand-alone version.
2. Added support for images with cameras Canon (CR2): Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 600D, Canon EOS 1100D, Canon PowerShot S100.
3. Fixed a bug with some color profiles in the plugin version for Windows, and Mac OS X.
4. Fixed incorrect display of images in the plugin version for Mac OS X in a small box.
5. Fixed a problem with the scroll bar in the settings panel.
6. Improved compatibility with Windows 8.
AKVIS LightShop 3.5 - program to add lighting effects to the image.
Recent changes
1. Added plug compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS6.
2. Added compatibility with Windows 8.
3. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7-10.8.
4. Fixed some minor bugs.
5. Added Spanish interface.
AKVIS Magnifier 6.0 - software for resizing digital images without loss of quality.
Recent changes
1. Added new option "Noise Removal" under "Zoom" and "Zoom."
2. Added new presets.
3. Fixed bugs.
4. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.
AKVIS MakeUp 3.0 - a program to fix portrait photos.
Recent changes
1. New tools: whitening teeth, removing red eye, blurring.
2. Added ability to select the operating mode "History Brush": Restoring the original or editing brushes.
3. Added preset in the preview window. Now, when the cursor is a