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Download PureBasic 5.11 1472

PureBasic 5.11 1472 x86 x64
PureBasic is a modern, cross-platform development environment and debug programs and games on the BASIC language, allowing you to create native-application platforms:
Windows x86
Windows x64
Linuh x86
Linuh x64
MasOS X x86
MasOS X x64
Depending on your compiler, you can create as ASCII, and Unicode applications and libraries.
In the process of compiling an assembler FASM involved that allows the use of assembly language instructions in the code, macros and directives FASMa.
The structure of the environment is a cross-platform library of functions containing more than 1800 functions. Their description can be found in the Help (press F1 while running environment PureBasic) or in the online help (she is completely in Russian). Among these functions, there are functions to work with the console, windows and 2D 3D graphics (engine OGRE). Supports 32-bit images with alpha channel. Library functions "Thread" make it easy to create parallel flows from the normal procedures and functions, which is particularly important for many processor systems. There are tools to synchronize threads. When using threads in the program, you need to setup the compiler to use the 'Create application with a secure stream. "
Just have full access to the API functions of the operating system.