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Download Xara Designer Pro X

The program to create a professional web-graphics using both vector and bitmap images. The program incorporated many editing tools that combine a rich palette of special effects and features, including transparency of management tools, pressure-sensitive brush tools to create fills and transforming objects, and more. Tools to automatically generate contours and soft shadows, extrusion and smoothing the edges will allow you to work much more productive, and the unprecedented speed of opening files and redraw the screen save time.
With Xara Xtreme you can develop scripts javascript for buttons, create animations in GIF images and maps, manage palette during rasterization, and export to Flash and Dreamweaver. The main advantage of the editor is in compliance with the literate balance between power and ease of development. Despite the fact that Xara Xtreme Pro is positioned as a tool for professionals, it is easy to master, even for beginners. If you are just starting to learn the craft of design, creation of graphic design web-pages, then this editor will start working almost immediately, without going through a nasty time helpless travel mouse for unknown menu options on the buttons.