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Download Exlevel GrowFX 1.5.0 sp1 Plugin for 3Ds MAX

Exlevel company released a new version GrowFX 1.5 Service Pack SP 1, which is a new system of modeling and animating plants for 3D Studio Max. Easy interface, a rich set of parameters that can be set independently, will help in the creation of different plants, from grass and tall trees to forests.
In the new version:
- Added a new mesh builder Meta mesh, allowing you to create smooth transitions between trunks and branches. Now, thanks to this innovation, we can create the most plausible trees. Some examples of using Meta mesh;
- Added a new direction modifier Optimize steps, to create a more optimized models of plants;
- Added ability to influence almost all parameters UVW Mapping for the Cylinder mesh;
- Slightly changed interface Cylinder mesh, for the management group Advanced parameters;
- Also fixes some minor bugs.
- Fixed
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