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Download Bentley ProStructures V8i SELECTSeries 5 v08.11.10.54 for AutoCAD

ProStructures enables engineers to reduce documentation production time and assists them in eliminating errors and design flaws and to design and document composite structures.
Based on standard platforms, ProStructures easily allows structural engineers, detailers and fabricators to create 3D models for both concrete and steel. ProStructures provides automatic creation of documentation, details and schedules. The open working environment and programming interface supports standardization of the program.
Bentley?s ProStructures includes ProSteel and ProConcrete.
ProSteel provides detailing for structural steel and metal work and ProConcrete detailing and scheduling of reinforced insitu/precast and post-tensioned concrete structures.
(SELECTseries 5) for AutoCAD and a SELECTseries 5 update for MicroStation were released at the end of 2012 and
includes both ProSteel and ProConcrete to provide complete 3D structural steel and reinforced concrete capabilities. This commercial release of ProStructures provides many important enhancements for both ProSteel and ProConcrete, including:
- Support of AutoCAD 2013, 32bit and 64bit
- Support of ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4)
- Rebar editing enhancements
- Rebar distribution enhancements
- Reinforcing of continuous footings
- Enhancements in the properties dialog and in the
- workframe command
- New view command: isolate
- User EEDs for concrete objects and support of EEDs in partlists/BOM and i-models
- Detailing enhancements
- Ability to download and install more than 14 additional tools
Name: Bentley ProStructures V8i (SELECTSeries 5)
Interface: english, deutsch
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
System Requirements: AutoCAD 2010-2013 preinstall
Remark: the AutoCAD service pack 1.1 for AutoCAD 2013 has to be installed
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