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Download HomeSeer Professional Home Automation Software

HomeSeer was founded in 1998 with a focus on making home automation systems. Our products are designed to integrate and automate the major systems of a typical home. Those systems include lighting, heating/cooling, security, appliances, window coverings, irrigation systems and Audio/Video equipment.
HomeSeer automation systems are compatible with a wide variety of technologies, such as Z-WaveR, InsteonR, UPBR and X10 and will work seamlessly with automation products from industry leaders such as Lutron, Leviton, Cooper, Intermatic, HAI, ELK, Russound, NuVo, DSC, Napco, Aprilaire and many others.
HomeSeer products may be purchased through this website or through any of our selected distributors. Fully installed systems are available through our many authorized dealers and installers.
Innovations and Firsts:
First automation system to offer fully trainable voice recognition (1998)
First home automation system with remote internet control (1998)
First home automation software to support Z-WaveR (2003) First home automation system to support WindowsR Media Center (2004)
First software of its type developed in .NET (2005)
First handheld Z-Wave controller designed as PC interface (2006)
First Z-Wave multi-sensor for motion, light and temperature (2007)
First IP-Configurable touchscreen designer (summer 2008)
What Do I need?
The Simplest home automation system includes one device (like a lamp module) and one controller (like an infrared remote control). With this, you could turn a lamp on, dim it and turn the lamp off. Add more lamp modules and you can control as many rooms as you like. Nifty? Sure. Automatic? Not exactly, since you're still the one controlling everything manually. What's missing is a 'smart' controller. HomeSeer is that smart controller