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Download EaseUS CleanGenius Pro v3.2.4

EaseUS CleanGenius Pro is a collection of tools to optimize the operation and configuration of the PC. Despite the unambiguous name, the proposed Toolkit allows you to not only clean the hard drive of a computer that has accumulated garbage file, but also to other tasks associated with the maintenance and optimization of operation of the PC. Users will be two dozens of useful tools, which ensure a stable and efficient operation of the system, and also will take care of security of personal information.
When you start CleanGenius the user's eyes to be a single control panel, allowing to immediately proceed to perform basic operations. With one button you can start scanning your system in search of unnecessary objects (available in different scan modes, including faster and more thorough scan). Of course, the user can configure the scan settings according to your personal preferences.
Three large buttons on the main page, provide quick access to additional features and tools. Using tools such as the Privacy Protect you can ensure the safety of different confidential information. The mechanism of Turbo Boost guarantees a significant increase of the system performance by disabling unwanted Windows system services.
The remaining useful tools are grouped into categories under Utilities Box. Including, the following are a utility for backing up drivers, hardware, safe removal information, defragment the hard drive's data, control lists startup and customize context menu. The owner of the computer will be able to encrypting sensitive data, manipulating system processes, as well as removal of different files that are locked by the operating system.
Also provides an advanced set of tools, including cleaning and defragmenting the registry utilities to detect duplicate files, as well as the ability to perform all operations in the automatic mode.