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Download V-Ray 1.50 SP2 plugin for 3ds max

V-Ray 1.50 SP2 for 3ds max x86 x64
V-Ray - the system rendering (imaging), developed by Chaos Group (Bulgaria).
V-Ray had worked well in the architectural rendering, widely used in film and on television, thanks to the good relationship between the rate rendering of image quality and great opportunities.
V-Ray is fully built on the basis of the Monte Carlo method (Quasi Monte Carlo - QMC, and its further implementation of the firm - DMC).
V-Ray - it reytreysny render, in which there are several algorithms for global illumination (Global Illumination):
Light Cache,
Photon Map (photon map)
Irradiance Map,
Brute Force (QMC),
there is a choice of different algorithms for computing the primary and secondary bounces of global illumination.
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