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Download ABBYY FineReader v11.0.113.164 Corporate Edition

ABBYY FineReader 11 - intelligent OCR system by downloading you can for a few minutes to convert paper documents and any types of PDF files into editable formats.
This is a program for personal use at home and in the office, which will help to solve the following tasks:
make corrections in the paper documents without retyping and reformatting, create electronic documents on the basis of paper;
translate documents into editable formats poor quality: photographed with a mobile phone camera, received by Fax and etc;
recognize and handle documents with complex formatting: multi-level content, illustrations, tables (journal pages, price lists, reports, etc);
scan and recognize the documents for inclusion in electronic archives searchable;
Main features:
Preservation of full clearance. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of adaptive recognition ADRT2.0 (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) program discriminates documents with complex formatting. The new version of ABBYY FineReader analyzes the document as a whole, while fully retaining its logical structure: contents and hyperlinks, multilevel headers, page numbers, headers and footers, image captions, and font styles and headings.
Ease of use. Interface of the program contains a window with the model scenarios. For ease of use scenarios divided into groups and saving settings made in this window. The user selects a suitable script converting in one click gets an editable copy of the document. If necessary, the user can recognize documents in the program step by step. To reduce the number of clicks and quicker to work with the program for the top panel discussed the main action: opens a window with the model scenarios, the button Open and Save, it helps to minimize the time to search for the desired action in the program menu.
Mobile phone instead of the scanner. New version of the program supports all popular models of scanners and multifunction devices, and also correctly recognizes pictures texts, made with a digital camera or camera phone. For processing of images taken using mobile phone camera, the program has the following functions: correction of trapezoid distortions, eliminating noise and lack of clarity of the image.
Support most of the world languages. ABBYY FineReader can recognize documents in 186 languages based on Cyrillic, Latin, Greek and Armenian alphabets, languages are supported on the basis of hieroglyphic writing. In the new version of the program added a new language to Korean, thus we continue to expand the list of non-alphabetic languages. For 39 languages provides check spelling. The system successfully detects documents that combine texts in two or more languages, including documents containing a mixture of alphabetic and hieroglyphic languages.
Automatic language detection recognition. Using intelligent algorithms, ABBYY FineReader automatically retrieves information about the languages in which the document is written in, and use it for recognition.
Save to PDF and PDF/A format. The program is available to all saving options in searchable PDF (text below the image, text over image, text and pictures only, only the picture). If necessary, the user can protect the created PDF file with a password.
Optimization for multi-core processors. An increasing number of computers equipped with a two - or Quad-core processors. Intelligent algorithms ABBYY FineReader allow you to effectively parallelize the different steps of processing of the document (image preprocessing, analysis of the structure, recognition, synthesis document) and fully use the power of multi-core machines.
What's new in version 11:
To increase the speed and accuracy of recognition of documents
High speed of document processing increased by 20%
In a new black and white document processing faster to 45% compared with recognition of color images, which also saves up to 70% of hard disk space
Improved quick recognition provides a gain on the recognition speed up to 70% compared with the standard mode used by default. Mode is useful for tasks in which the recognition accuracy is less important than speed.
Improved quality of recognition and the structure of multi-page documents (technology ADRT)
25% improved recognition of tables and on 15% - pictures and graphs
Added the restoration of the vertical headers and footers
40% improved definition of the text on the margins of the document headers and footers
Creation of electronic books in the popular formats-fb2, ePub and the other for reading on handheld devices : the Program supports the preservation of the formats of electronic books (fb2, ePub) and others, it will quickly make the e-copy - book reader, tablet PC, PDA and other portable devices.
Support for new save formats of documents, including DjVu OpenOffice.org Writer : ABBYY FineReader 11 recognizes and converts images of documents and PDF files directly in the Open Office.org Writer (ODT), accurately preserving the original formatting. Also in the product appeared the possibility to save recognition results in DjVu format, which is especially popular with users, recognizing books and scientific works.
Improved interface will increase the productivity of work : New style editor will edit documents directly in ABBYY FineReader. Users can see all the styles used in the document, change them, or to merge. The changes are automatically applied to the entire document, eliminating the manual override. Scan mode the recognition allows you to quickly correct the mistakes in the text.
Division of the package of pages in different documents : This tool is useful when scanning in a single stream of several documents. Dividing package pages on separate documents, you can raise the quality of treatment of each of them at the expense of more precise technology development ADRT, and also post in time of the different documents. This is especially useful when processing large volumes of documentation and scanning sets of disparate documents on the office of IFIs.
Improved recognition of photos documents : Pictures of documents obtained by using a camera or mobile camera devices are detected more precisely, their original formatting is preserved better. Also extended the possibility of adjusting the typical images of bugs, images, for example, the alignment of the lines in the folds of the pages of an open book or fix distortion.
New tools for processing of document images : Now the image editor includes a complete set of tools for preprocessing of document images. Users can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, the levels of intensity of light and shadow. Changes can be applied to individual pages or all pages at once.
Improved PDF format : The program contains three predefined modes of preservation in format PDF maximum quality, minimum size or balanced mode. This version has improved compression technology (MRC), thanks to the size of the file when saving to PDF is reduced to 5 times.
Support 189 languages (in the original version) : ABBYY FineReader 11 recognizes documents 189 languages, added Arabic, Vietnamese, and Turkmen (Latin).
Improved ABBYY Screenshot Reader (only for registered users of ABBYY FineReader 11) : ABBYY Screenshot Reader a snapshot of any area of the screen, recognize them and saves the text in an editable format. In the new version of the application has the ability to more accurately specify the size of the area for a shot.
Comparison of versions of ABBYY FineReader:
Professional Edition. For personal use at home and in the office
Corporate Edition. Corporate use
License type
Professional Edition. One per-seat license
Corporate Edition. One per-seat license. One license for concurrent access by multiple jobs
Professional Edition. Individual license
Corporate Edition. May connect additional licenses