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Download G TotalProtection 2014

G Data TotalProtection 2014 - is the new complete solution for all-round protection. It uses the new CloseGap technology to provide the best possible instant protection against viruses, hacking, spam, and all Internet threats. Backup and data store protect against data loss and theft. The active hybrid protection also covers country-specific threats; the firewall works quietly in the background and does not slow you down.
Features :
NEW: Active hybrid protection with CloseGap technology to close security gaps.
NEW: AutostartManager accelerates startup - boot up as you did on the first day.
NEW: Device control controls use of USB devices or DVDs.
NEW: Completely re-engineered user interface for intuitive use - no manual needed.
IMPROVED: New BankGuard technology for secure banking and online shopping.
IMPROVED: Integrated backup function for automatic data backup in the background.
IMPROVED: Behavior monitoring protects against unknown viruses.
Additional real-time data comparison in the cloud protects against false positives.
Parental controls to block inappropriate content, subscription offers, etc.
Saves resources thanks to fingerprinting, idle scanning, and active hybrid protection.
System tuning for a fast PC.
Service Center: We are there to assist you.
Protect your Android smartphone or tablet against viruses and mobile threats.
OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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