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Download Astute Phantasm v3.0.2 for Adobe Illustrator

Control color directly within Adobe Illustrator! The core tools are live (non-destructive) with Effects and permanent Filters allowing you to adjust color in Illustrator for vectors, text and embedded images.
Vector halftones for creative and technical artwork to quickly create a perfectly scalable halftone effect based on any underlying artwork. Extensive customization means each halftone "dot" can be circular, square, a line, text characters or any symbol present in the artwork. A range of pre-sets give every possible control needed for posters through to T-shirt design and security printing.
Adjust color using common functions including Curves, Levels and Hue/Saturation to produce PhotoShop equivalent results. Use a comprehensive selection of advanced options for better control of all vector artwork and images directly in Illustrator. For example, automatically remove overprint white and convert rich black to any user defined color, such as pure black and use the automation function for batch processing of artwork.
New in Phantasm v3
Curves and Levels now include control for spot inks and transparency (alpha) channel allowing for direct contour control of drop shadows and more!
Halftone and advanced option presets are now also installed as standard.