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Download Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.5 Menu Additions Patch-iND

Once the file is unzipped into a temp folder
1 . Unzip the \Protools folder in the zip to c:\Temp on your Hard drive
Example create C:\Temp
Extract the Pro Tools folder to C:\Temp
2 . The unzipped folder structure should be Drive: \Temp\Pro Tools after you have unzipped the file into your temporary folder
3 . Point this Setup Iso patch installer to the Drive:\Temp\ folder DO NOT include the sub folder \Pro Tools in the install path
4 .Press Next and the Installer will over write and install the new setup.exe and additional files
5 Burn/Mount your new ISO
Enjoy without having to have patchs and additional files stored across your storage devices
If You Don't Need It " Then Don't Use it" We don't Care