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Download Bandicam v1.9.0

Bandicam is a high-quality videos, games and screenshots.
You can record Minecraft, Wow, MapleStory, iTunes, YouTube, PowerPoint, Excel, Firefox, HDTV, Webcam, Skype, Video chatting, games Java / Flash, Streaming video and screen image.
Register DirectX / OpenGL (*. Avi)
Record a rectangular area of the screen (*. Avi)
Capture images (BMP, PNG, JPG)
Support for MPEG-1, Xvid, MJPEG, MP2, PCM
FPS Control / Overlay
Creates video files extremely small size
Make videos with a term staying more than 24 hours
resolution video recordings can be up to 2560x1600
Charge directly without converting video files (720p/1080p) on YouTube
files size is unlimited (over 3.9 GB)
1] Install The App
2] Do Not Launch The App
3] Block App in Firewall
4] Unzip and Run Keymaker as Administrator
5] Enjoy This Release!!
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