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Download Prime Loops EDM Essentials Drum and Bass ACiDWAVAiFFREX2REFiLL

Are you ready to cook up a fresh batch of D&B debauchery?! We've been handling hazardous chemicals in the Prime Loops lab, breaking beats to bring you this crystalline hit of dishevelled Drum n Bass samples! EDM ESSENTIALS - D&B is a fresh new take on all the fundamental elements associated with this irrepressible and unrelenting genre.
The two key elements to a truly dope D&B mix are pretty obvious - drums and bass (duh!). We've stacked up a massive selection of brand new beats and shoehorned in a phat, bloated case of fresh bass in addition to some insane synths and immense FX! Whether you're making your first ripples in the D&B scene or you're an established producer with a tired sample library, EDM ESSENTIALS - D&B is the ideal injection for your productions.