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Download u-he Plugins Pack

u-he Plugins Pack (Oct 2013) | 84MB
ACE is a software synthesizer ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) delivers top quality sound at a highly competitive price.
Diva is the first native software synth that applies methods from industrial circuit simulators (e.g. PSpice)in realtime.
Filterscape is a flexible sound bending plug-in. It offers you the tools and flexibility to spice up your music in ways beyond imagination.
More Feedback Machine - Various effects of filterings, equalization, delay, possibility of modifying the routing of the signal enters the effects, mini step by step integrated sequencer.
Uhbik is a bundle of high quality audio effect plug-ins which consists of the following effects.
Zebra is a synthesizer plug-in which combines subtractive and additive synthesis with a powerful modulation engine that even smoothly integrates with the built-in effects section.
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