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Download SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro v2.6.3 for 3ds Max

Powerful material collection for use with the Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Rayrendering engine. It will includes shaders like: Metal, Ceramic, Leather, Stone, Mosaic, Concrete, Carpaint, Liquid, Wall, Glass, Parquet, Wood, Gemstone, Cloth, Plastic.
Key Features
1715 V-Ray material presets and templates:
Metal (187)
Ceramic (70)
Leather (133)
Stone (36)
Mosaic (60)
Concrete (30)
Carpaint (37)
Liquid (59)
Wall (353)
Glass (112)
Parquet (210)
Wood (52)
Gemstone (89)
Cloth (219)
Plastic (68)
Compatible with 3ds Max 2011/2012/2013/2014.
Compatible with V-Ray SP2/SP3/SP4/SP5, V-Ray 2.0 and above.
Compatible with SolidRocks
All materials have been tested by professionals on real projects.
You can create and manage your Material Library.
All textures used are seamless (1336 maps on 3.42GB).
Friendly and simple interface.
Useful for V-Ray newbies, average and power users.
Version Requirements
The product is compatible with 3ds Max 2011 - 2014 | V-Ray 1.5 SP2 - SP5, V-Ray 2.0 | 32 and 64 bit.