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Download MathWorks Matlab R2013b Build

Programming language for engineering and mathematical calculations. An extensive library of functions makes it easier job ( in particular a graphical representation of data)
MATLAB - a high-level technical computing language , interactive environment for algorithm development and modern tools of data analysis
MATLAB than with traditional programming languages (C / C + +, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN) allows an order to reduce the time solution of typical problems and simplifies the development of new algorithms .
MATLAB is the foundation of the entire product family MathWorks is the main tool for solving a wide range of scientific and applied problems in areas such as: modeling facilities and development of control systems , design of communication systems , signal and image processing , measurement signals and testing, financial modeling, computational biology , etc.
The core of MATLAB allows the easiest way to work with real matrices , complex and analysis of data types.
Contains built-in linear algebra (LAPACK, BLAS), fast Fourier transform (FFTW), functions for working with polynomials, functions, basic statistics and numerical solutions of differential equations.
All built- in core MATLAB developed and optimized by experts and work faster or the same as their equivalent in C / C + +:
Year / Date of Release : 2013
Developer : MathWorks
Developer's site : www.mathworks.com
Bit depth : 64bit
Language : English
Medicine: Present
System requirements : For 64 -bit . The check is done on Win 7 64 bit