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Download Iceni Technology Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.21 Portable

Iceni Infix PDF Editor Pro can not only edit, but also reformat the text (even in multiple columns) can quite easily handle graphics, images and pages in any PDF-files. With the Infix PDF Editor you can update newsletters, brochures, technical manuals, etc., created in PDF, without the need to have the original document and the fonts that it used. Using powerful search and replace function, you can modify the individual parts (eg header and footer) immediately on all pages of the document. Infix - almost the only editor of the pdf files correctly working with the Cyrillic alphabet.
A major advantage of Infix PDF Editor PDF over other editors is the ability to edit the text of paragraphs (by adding the text does not go beyond the established boundaries).
Key features
Works like a word processor: no tricky tools to figure out
Edit practically anything: text, font sizes, images and more
Keeps text tidy: reflows paragraphs and columns automatically
Copy graphics and text between PDF files
Search and replace: in one file or across several at once
Create PDFs too - from any document: it's as easy as printing

Usage guide:

  • Press 'Download' button below and download archive
  • Unpack downloaded archive
  • Run Iceni_Technology_Infix_PDF_Editor_Pro_6_21_Portable_keygen.exe executable and follow instructions