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Download Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2014 R1 SP2 Multilingual Win32-Win64-SSQ

Description Delcam Crispin- solutions from Delcam for shoe industry
Allow to reduce the cost and time to prepare new models.
At the stage of style design computer modeling reduces design time and speeds up decision-making based on prepared visual materials. Talk style can go the distance, using the latest electronic technology.
Significantly simplifies the process of grading elements shoe size . Optimizing cutting saves material .
Ultimately, the transition to computer-aided design reduces costs and reduces the cost of developing new models of shoes .
ShoeDesign- core module for the design of the shoe upper .
Designer shoe imports from LastMaker or directly from scanner or from other CAD packages, and stylistic lines if they are applied manually.
Designing shoes, designer draws lines on the surface of pad, and the cursor moves over the surface of pads and shows a line in 3D and 2D simultaneously.
It then selects the color, texture , material thickness and placed decorative elements - fasteners, stitching and more. Chosen sole. In the final stage is done scanning all the elements of the shoe.
At the design stage it is important to be able to accurately render . For accurate transfer of the invoice texture of the material used can be scanned and added to the database for use in the design view . Decorative elements are solid elements , not flat images.
ShoeStyle- module to work only with the stylistic lines.
Lines are drawn on the block cursor can be modified and combined with the previously -designed templates.
The lines may be deployed in a plane for use in the manufacture of the modules or vice versa flat lines can be superimposed on the bulk block.
Year / Issue Date 2013
Version 2014 R1 SP2 (CR 14.1.07)
Developer Delcam
Developer website www.delcam.com
Bit depth 32bit +64 bit
Language Multilingual (Russian present )
Medicine Present (Team SolidSQUAD)