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Download Everimaging HDR Darkroom 3 Pro 1.0.0

HDR Darkroom, a revolutionary high dynamic range imaging software can solve your problem, by squeezing extended details that would otherwise be lost into your image. Take three bracketed photos: one normal-exposed, one over-exposed and one under-exposed.HDR Darkroom is a handy and performant application designed to help you to process your digital images with great accuracy in just a few steps.
HDR Darkroom can emulate the range of details that the human eye can detect by compressing the content of multiple frames into a single image. The results contain rich details and vivid colors without introducing anomalies such as halos or other blemishes. This is the strength of HDR Darkroom.
Here are some key features of "HDR Darkroom":
Sophisticated HDR Technology:
HDR Darkroom includes a range of advanced HDR technologies, including Alignment technology, Ghost Reduction technology, Noise Reduction, and Local/Global Tone Mapping technology.
User-friendly Interface:
By working with professional photographers to understand their workflow, we designed HDR Darkroom specifically for ease of use, but without compromising on control.
Cutting-edge Local/Global Tone Mapping Technology:
Using our Local/Global Tone Mapping technology, you will produce the most spectacular photo-realistic results in seconds. We offer three types of Tone Mapping technology to suit your needs.
Alignment Technology:
Our powerful Alignment technology corrects problems with misalignment when your camera moves slightly between the bracketed frames.
Ghost Reduction Technology:
If an object moves through the scene while you are taking multiple shots, our Ghost Reduction technology corrects the problem of "ghosting" when the images are combined.
Real Time Processing:
Nearly all of the processing controls in HDR Darkroom are real time, making HDR Darkroom the fastest processing HDR software on the market with real time processing as a standard feature.
Powerful Batch Processing:
Our HDR Darkroom Batch Processing Engine automatically handles multiple sets of photos according to your unique preferences. Let us do the work for you and harness the power of batch processing to save you countless hours of manual adjustments.
Camera RAW File Converter:
HDR Darkroom supports RAW files of more than 150 camera models, including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic, as well as Adobe (DNG), etc.
Export to Social Media:
We've made it easy for you to share your amazing HDR images on all the popular social media and photo sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.
1GB main memory minimal, 2GB or above preferred
2.0 GHz CPU minimal, Dual-Core CPU preferred
Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher resolution display
1 Gigabyte hard drive space
What's new in HDR Darkroom 3 1.0.0:
December 27th, 2013
An improved alignment algorithm corrects problems that arise when the camera moves from one frame to the next.
Similarly, the advanced ghost reduction technology detects and removes moving objects from the frame.
Hardware compatibility has also been improved with the release of HDR Darkroom 3. The software now supports more than 150 camera models, including all the top brands - Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic.