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Download The Loop Loft MASCHINE Kit Bundle

We've bundled all 15 of our MASCHINE Kits, giving you instant access to these incredible custom libraries that include blues, indie rock, brazilian percussion, cinematic hits, brushes, jazz drums, slide guitar and more... all at a savings of 50%! If you're a serious MASCHINE user looking for incredible kits that will take your productions to the next level, then this is the bundle for you!
Kits Included:
Indie Rock 1
Indie Rock 2
Dry Drums Vol 1
Dry Drums Vol 2
Eric Harland
Cinematic Drums 1
Cinematic Drums 2
Everything But Sticks Vol 1
Everything But Sticks Vol 2
Blues Drums
Slide Guitar
Brazilian Drums 1
Brazilian Drums 2
Simon Phillips
Singer Songwriter
About Maschine Kits
Maschine Kits from The Loop Loft contain hand-selected samples from our most popular collections. From cinematic drums to authentic Brazilian percussion, to the actual drum kits of some of the world's most renowned drummers, Maschine Kits brings a completely new sonic palette to your fingertips.