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Download Breeze Systems Hotfolder Prints 1.4.4

Hotfolder Prints ... A flexible hot folder utility for automatically laying out photos on a page and then printing, emailing or copying the photos. Also includes Breeze Viewer to display a slideshow which is automatically updated as more images are added. Hotfolder Prints is ideal for event photographers and photo booth operators wishing to automate their workflow.
What is Hotfolder Prints?
An invaluable tool for event photographers and photobooth operators wanting to automatically lay out images and then print, copy, email them, upload to social networking sites or display the photos as a slideshow.
Hotfolder Prints monitors a folder for new JPEG images and when the required number of images are available it automatically formats them into a page ready for printing, copying elsewhere or emailing. Hotfolder Prints uses the same layout options as our popular photobooth software and can place up to 10 different photos on a page with any size and orientation together with a background, overlay and captions. This allows almost any layout to be designed from single photos with captions and logos through to complex layouts with multiple photos and transparent overlays.
Event Photography
Setting up a mini studio with a backdrop and lights to take portraits is a popular form of event photography. Typically the photographer takes several photos of people and then either prints them all automatically or has an assistant who reviews them with the customer and selects the best ones for printing. Hotfolder Prints can help with both scenarios:
Automatic printing: The photographer takes the photos which are automatically downloaded to the PC (e.g. by shooting tethered using software our camera control software or using an Eye-Fi memory card to wirelessly transfer photos to the PC). Hotfolder Prints will monitor the download folder and when it has the required number of images it will automatically format and print them. This could be single images which need to be resized to fit a page and sharpened with the photographer's logo or the event name added or several images could be printed on the same page.
Selective printing: The photographer takes several pictures of each guest and these are downloaded automatically to the PC as above. An assistant then reviews the images with the guests (e.g. using our BreezeBrowser Pro software), selects the best ones and copies them to the hot folder. Hotfolder Prints will monitor the hot folder and when it has the required number of images it will automatically format and print them.
Photobooth Slideshow Images
Running a slideshow of the photobooth images on a large screen outside the booth is a great way to enhance the photobooth experience at an event. Hotfolder Prints allows you to arrange the shots from the photobooth so that they can be displayed on the screen using a different layout from the printed strips. The Breeze Viewer slideshow utility that is included with Hotfolder Prints will automatically display these formatted images as a slideshow and include new images as they are taken. Breeze Viewer includes a range of different slideshow transitions including cube, flip, slide, mosaic, dissolve and fade to black. It can also display the images in random order or in the order in which they were taken and has the option to include title or ad pages every few images.
OS : Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Language : English