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Download Aurora BluRay Media Player

Aurora BluRay Media Player is a Windows based multimedia player software which can play BluRay Disc, BluRay ISO files and any other video formats as far as you can imagine. If you don't want to shift your BluRay media player from time to time to ship with all various kind of video formats, Aurora all-in-one BluRay media player with a pretty design and easy-to-use experience will be your helpful assistant.
Perfect BluRay Playback
Aurora BluRay Media Player undoubtedly wins the crown in the field of BluRay Disc playpack. You enjoy your high definition BluRay movie in just a few mouse clicks. Additionally, users can get a navigation menu for BluRay movie when they open a BluRay movie which offers you a panoramic view of the disc and you can make your own choice.
Highly Compatible with Windows 8
Do you feel frustrated that your brand new Windows 8 no longer supported DVD/BluRay movies or MPEG-2 videos? Get Aurora BluRay media player as a free Windows 8 media player now, to compensating for the regret to enjoy your favorite movie freely!
Almighty Media Player to Play All Videos
Got a colossal downloads? Aurora BluRay Media Player supports all video formats, whether it?s AVCHD, MKV, FLV, MPEG-4 or MOV videos. Once you own Aurora BluRay player software, you can play them all with different languages of subtitles and audio tracks.
High Quality Audio to Match your HD Movies
HD images on your screen, of course, should match amazing audio output lingering around your ears. To catch up the most advanced audio tech and benefit all our users, Aurora BluRay Media Player for Windows has now supported DTS 7.1, DTS HD, AC3/DTS 5.1.
Social Network Sharing Makes you Never Off the Line
Even though you are enjoying the movie, with Aurora BluRay Media Player, you will keep yourself active among your friends. Post your comments about the movie on Facebook or Twitter anytime and makes your voice heard.