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Download Viking Saga 2 New World v1 0

Viking Saga 2 New World v1 0 Cracked-F4CG
Size: 157.06 MB
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Viking Saga 2: New World v1.0
(c) Realore Studios.
Cracker ?.: Team F4CG Release Date ?.: 02-03-2014
Supplier ?: Team F4CG OS Type ???: Windows
Packer ?..: GiftWrap Number Of Disks .: [xx/17]
Protection .: DRM Program Type ?.: Game
Enjoy the amazing sequel of Viking Saga ? Viking Saga 2:
New World!
Several years have passed since Ingolf became the king of
Iceland. He married his beloved Dalla and they gave birth
to two beautiful children. The lands of Ingolf prospered
and grew. But one day a terrible danger came to the lands
of the brave king. An unknown disease started to spread
across the kingdom. To save his family and his people
Ingolf will have to travel to the lands of the far west
and find a cure!
Travel to the far lands of the west! Visit wondrous
corners of the ancient world! Meet new interesting
characters and learn their intriguing stories! Find a
cure and save your kingdom!