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Download Nemetschek Allplan BCM 2014

Nemetschek Allplan company introduced an updated version of Allplan 2014 - leading game platform (Architecture, Design & Construction) for 3D building modeling with the functions of estimating quantities and costs. The current version contains the latest tools for the planning of repair and renovation, as well as for the design and analysis of energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Highly user interfaces also facilitate cooperation and effective interaction between all participants of the project.
Advancing as the main priority environmental responsibility, Allplan 2014 sets new standards in the field of cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration: A family of highly integrated software allows users to work with a virtual model of the building, performing at its base all the necessary operations, from architectural design to the design and analysis of building structures, utilities and engineering equipment and budgeting costs.
Allplan 2014 captures the attention of designers a wide range of its functions. Possibilities offered are based on functional, future-oriented, in particular on the work of the network through the Internet, for free data exchange and use is intuitive. The new version offers a number of improvements to work more productively. The most important of them - the new object type SmartParts (parametric CAD objects intelligent), optimized reporting tools and immediate connection with Allplan Allfa Web.
Allplan 2014 - Integrated solution for architects, designers and construction companies, which facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among all project participants. Engineers and designers can now even easier to get the master plan of the building in terms of its architectural design. Optimized Coordination processes in general, and improved design quality. Converted the mechanism of interaction of CAD and analytical and computational software from the company Nemetschek Frilo or Nemetschek Scia. The solution facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration since all communication and coordination of activities supported by the system. The program interface is multilingual and translated into Russian.
Allplan BCM offers a convenient and intuitive computer-aided design and calculation of the volume of labor and cost, thus providing a safer and more reliable planning and expense budget. The program serves as a link between Allplan CAD and any localized system TAI (training system to the building trades, costing and invoicing). Allplan BCM is used for the calculation of quantities and costs. It supports users when estimating quantities for technical specifications, which can then be transferred in preparation for the construction trades, cost estimates and invoicing, and used as a basis for tendering. With Allplan BCM planning and flow of your budget will be a comfortable and intuitive, thanks to a whole range of different analyzes.
Allplan BCM is able to link drawings and project documentation, such as data space or building and detailed estimates. The results are clearly documented and can be easily visualized. The linking of data helps avoid inconsistencies and but also makes it easy to understand the quantities calculated. The system is able to respond to any amendments and changes, documenting them and making recalculation. Allplan BCM establishes a clear and understandable relationship between cost and labor. Even at an early design stage can be estimated precisely costs. Any changes in the project immediately reflected in changes in costs.
"Reconstruction, restoration, repair and modernization
"Maximum ergonomic construction
"Simplified data conversion
"Simplified archiving project
"Bright memorable facade design
"Optimized data exchange
"Improved project management system
"Effective organization of workflow
"Affordable manual
"Simplified archiving project documentation
"Energoconsulting become easier
"Effective methods of designing fixtures
"Interdisciplinary communication
"The digital terrain model for civil engineering
"A highly professional preparation and execution of the project documentation
Nemetschek Allplan accompanies you throughout the entire lifecycle of a building: from the initial concept and planning of how each individual component will fit together through to final construction. This includes a simple, straightforward software solution for your construction cost planning and AVA (tenders, allocation and accounting). Allowing you to concentrate fully on the what matters: bringing your vision to life.
Allplan BCM gives you a complete solution for construction cost planning and AVA. In addition it also creates the basis and module for the intelligent planning method Design2Cost.
The complete solution Design2Cost lets you determine the necessary quantities for cost calculation or requirement specifications simply and quickly based on the building model.
Allplan BCM - the AVA software offering numerous cost calculation methods
With Allplan BCM you can be sure of providing your client with reliable cost data. You retain an overview over changes in construction costs at every stage of the project and can provide precise cost information at any time.
From initial cost estimates and construction cost calculation to tendering, allocation and accounting, Allplan BCM covers the entire construction cost planning and tendering process.
Its intelligent design makes it easy to create contract specifications and to provide cost calculations for a project from the initial idea right through to execution and use. All data is recorded and clearly displayed - from the order itself to the checking of quantities and interim and final payments.
The benefit for you in your dealings with customers and business partners is the provision of a huge range of professionally designed reports with which you can analyze costs and display them correctly.
In addition, Allplan BCM is the basis for the planning method Design2Cost, the solution for drafting and planning from a cost perspective.
Date: 2014
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Interface: English / Multilanguage / Russian
Medicine: CYGiSO
Size: 333.08 MB