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Download Astute Graphics Limited 2014

New collection of plug-ins for Photoshop from the company Astute Graphics. The structure includes : ColliderScribe, DynamicSketch, InkQuest, InkScribe, MirrorMe, Phantasm, Rasterino, VectorScribe, WidthScribe
ColliderScribe 1.2.0
A simple set of tools to accurately locate figures with perfect accuracy by placing any objects in contact . You can easily and quickly order figures in complex structures and patterns , or place them at a certain distance from each other ( like a mosaic , for example) also allows you to rotate pieces ColliderScribe around any way , not taking them with each other.
DynamicSketch 1.6.0
Plugin designed for natural sketching in vector graphics . Specially designed to improve the design workflow into a vector tool Dynami Sketch offers users a more natural and intuitive accelerate the creation and editing vector to such an extent that you will save up to 30 % of their time during the initial drawing. If you create a sketch with the tablet , or by using the mouse , this tool provides more power for producing dynamic vector shapes from scratch, to modify existing forms to adjust the level of detail for your work , so if you are a fan of a more natural projects vector , but you would like to speed up the process , then you will need DynamicSketch.
* Provides a natural workflow to create a sketch in Illustrator
* Dynamic results with accuracy and smoothly allow amended after creation
* Edit or continuation of dynamic or static circuits
* The repetition sketch
* Smart Connect
* Trimming ' gesture ' (Gesture trim)
* Dribbling with variable width (Illustrator CS5 +) with detailed settings of speed, pressure , etc.
* Dynamic corners and smoothing mode in preparation for subsequent editing illustration
* Using the mouse , touchpad , or graphics tablet device ( Wacom, for example)
* A variety of settings
InkQuest 1.1.0
Universal tool for anyone who creates or processes designed for printing illustrations in Illustrator. InkQuest provides an optimized workflow , the operator can remain in Illustrator, instantly identifying and correcting caused problems in the printing process . Easy to understand information and feedback on the most important aspects of your print ready artwork allows you to control printing costs.
Permutations channels Swap Channels Tool
* Management of paints that can be applied to all images and vector graphics ( embedded and linked ) , has never been so easy and flexible.
Ink coverage Ink Coverage
* Shows the ' map of the temperature ' illustration based on the total paint coating , clearly highlighting areas requiring correction. Allow the operator to preset the shortest time to examine the components or separate channels for one or more target devices. Numeric representation allows us to trace and test how your changes in the graphic can affect the coating and paint costs.
* In conjunction with the functions of Phantasm, such as curves 'Curves', InkQuest help prevent headaches and unnecessary costs !
Separations Separations
* Stencil printers adore it . Licensed Publishing considered priceless. If you are ready to print illustrations , can also take advantage of viewing and full color separation illustrations directly in Illustrator. Examine and adjust easily to produce a printed form.
InkScribe 1.6.0
Use Inkscribe instead Pera and related tools , and it improves the drawing accuracy and calculated figures. Tool offers advanced users a smooth transition to achieve greater freedom, opportunity and time savings by carefully drawing vector . Newcomers will also help to focus on the creative process rather than keystrokes . For example, you need to make the curve of the line ? Take advantage of new handles 'Ghost Handles' - handles that appear when you draw straight lines. With a simple drag and drop , ' ghostly ' handles are converted to Bezier handles , making the line of the curve.
* intuitive
* Does not require complex combinations of keys pressed
* Reduce time drawing 30 percent
* Panel and annotations for quick function access
* Handles 'Ghost Handles'
* Changing segments dragging
* Intelligent deleting points
* Intelligent smoothing ( transformation into a smooth cusp )
* Creation mode trunk 'Connector Mode'
* Restrictions angle and distance
* Settings - select the appropriate method of
The plugin allows instantaneous symmetry directly in Adobe Illustrator, using one or more axes of symmetry . Draw faces , characters, patterns , fractal and kaleidoscopic effects using plug MirrorMe. It works with standard tools and Adobe Illustrator drawing tools Astute Graphics. The plugin can be applied to the selected objects or whole layer. You can determine the position of the axes and their angle , copy and paste it into another document axis , perform automatic pruning and compound paths that cross the axis of symmetry.
Phantasm 3.1.0
Phantasm adjusts color , contains tools Brightness, Contrast, Curves, Hue, Saturation , and all popular halftone vector tools . Also now have the ability to control the alpha (transparency ) channels in curves. Furthermore, additional options and presets are now installed as standard.
Rasterino 1.1.0
Rasterino is a perfect solution for working with embedded images in Adobe Illustrator. Provides previously unavailable control directly in the document , saving you hours allotted to perform common tasks.
Image cropping tool 'Crop Image Tool'
* You will no longer worry about control over embedded images with clipping masks. This tool provides instant and direct control over the true cutting embedded images , giving the desired result and reducing the size of the output file .
* Editing ' in place ' and relink embedded images
* Edit any type of embedded images in a single click in your favorite package , such as Photoshop. After editing, you can immediately update the image in Illustrator. Or you can quickly re- associate one or more embedded images .
* Pruning or trimming numerical
* Automatic cut-off surplus boundaries embedded image .
* Trimming function allows precise numerically controlled cutting any true embedded image .
* Resolution
* Not satisfied with the image resolution ? Now you can simply set the desired resolution and forward! Can be applied to embedded and linked images.
VectorScribe 1.9.3
VectorScribe is a perfect set of vector tools for all designers and users of Adobe Illustrator CS4 and later . Allows you to create and edit vector illustration faster, more efficiently and dynamically through a fully integrated and user-friendly system of plug-ins. VectorScribe Studio version includes all the tools VectorScribe Designer and provides unique dynamic vector tools . Dynamic figures , what many people dream of Adobe Illustrator for many years . And they were implemented in VectorScribe Studio .. great! Drag dynamic figures and continue to edit them as regular figures and not just collecting points along the contour . Add hand and points ; rounding do one or all angles ; fragmented in any shape , change the shape type , and more.
Basic tools :
* Dynamic Corners: innovative tool rounded corners ;
* Dynamic Shapes: interactive and digital control software ;
* PathScribe: editing and creating vector paths ;
* Dynamic Measure: fast and accurate measuring tool ;
* Protractor: a simple but very useful tool to define custom angles for drawing.
WidthScribe 1.3.0
Allows you to change the width of multiple strokes simply and quickly. The results of the project will revive and give a depth of realism and effectiveness . Use a tool for changing the brush width 'Width Brush Tool' to determine the artistic direction in their work with fast and simple curves. This tool provides direct simplicity and natural brush allows you to create a variety of artistic effects in the style of engraving or customary pattern , fully preserving editable vector illustration of nature . Tool to change the width of the gradient 'Width Gradient Tool' provides accuracy to enhance prospects of improving unique geometric shapes and shaping stroke . As with other modules , the user c