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Download Piriform CCleaner Technician Edition v4.10.4570

CCleaner Technician Edition is the easiest, fastest and most thorough means to clean a PC and instantly improve your customer's experience. CCleaner Technician Edition is the first step in PC repair and maintenance.
- Install and remove remotely or via USB
- World-famous PC cleaning tool
- Highly customizable engine, tailored for your needs
- Monthly cleaning updates
- Reduce support calls and increase customer satisfaction
The program will attempt to phone home when registered so you must either add the following line to your hosts file or block the connection with a firewall. The Technician Edition does not seem to attempt to phone home again after being registered however to be safe a permanent block is recommended.
If you register any program with a Bundle serial, it will create a registry entry that will register any of the other programs the next time you run them.
(Premium Recommended)
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