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Download O and amp;O DiskImage Professional 8.5.15

O&O DiskImage Professional 8.5.15 (x86/x64)
Size : 80 MB
Backup and restore your valuable data: O&O DiskImage lets you create images of your entire computer or individual partitions while you work. If data loss occurs, your imaged data (files, folders, partitions) can be restored in no time at all - even if Windows is unable to start.
Backing up data on a regular basis is still something that many users prefer to avoid. At least that is until they suffer their first loss of important data as a result of software, hardware or user error: thats when it becomes crystal clear just how valuable a reliable and up-to-date backup really is.
Heres the safest and easiest way to avoid losing important data! O&O DiskImage 8 lets you backup an entire computer and everything on it whenever you want even while the computers being used. In the event data loss should ever occur, your data can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks even when Windows is no longer able to start.
All default and advanced features are combined in one single product. Options are available for both automated and manual settings. Thanks to a unique recovery system that includes additional system recovery tools along with O&O DIskImage, youll quickly be able to restore all your important data even if the backup youre using was created with an older O&O DiskImage version.
O&O DiskImage 8: Maximum data security!
Regardless of whether at home or at work: The safety of your digital data is often overlooked these days, on the basis that nothing ever happens to me. Unfortunately, it can and often does! We have directly addressed this problem and integrated into the new version 8 a built-in wizard that accompanies a user step by step through the creation of an automatic data backup. This significantly easier to use backup functionality enables even novice users to create a reliable and fast backup of their data immediately. O&O DiskImage 8 can now also directly create a virtual hard disk (VHD). Until now users had to first create an image and then convert it. In the new version, this intermediate process is no longer required. We have also taken into account the upcoming end of support for Windows XP with the new version of O&O DiskImage 8 which supports all Windows versions from XP to Windows 8.1. This makes it possible for users to create a backup today under Windows XP which can be used later under Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 later too.
Imaging Features
NEW: Direct creation of VHDs
NEW: Simplified wizard for creating and modifying jobs
OPTIMIZED: Creating jobs with the Windows Task Scheduler
Image an entire computer with the push of a button
Image system and data drives
Clone drives and entire disks
File backup: image and restore individual files and/or folders
Monitoring and warning of security risks
Image only used sectors
Incremental/differential images: backup only the changes
Save images to network drives
Time Schedule for automatic, regular images
Advanced burning on CD/DVD/Blu-ray
Restoration Features
Supports EFI/UEFI systems as well as BIOS
Easily restore files, folders, drives and disks
Restoring onto different hardware (M.I.R.)
Boot media based on Windows contains extra system rescue tools
Direct restoration from virtual disks (VHD)
NEW: Start a job by connecting a device
Create a boot CD from the program itself (starting from Windows 7)
Even simpler and quicker user interface
High-performance compression and encryption of images
Support for dynamic and GPT volumes
Exclude certain files and/or file types
Check drives and images for errors
Advanced report management and e-mail notifications
Live Update: Automatic Updates to current Program Versions
System requirements
Minimum requirements of the respective system
An internet connection is required to download the latest program components and to create a boot medium
At least 1 GB RAM recommended
30 MB free hard disk space
32/64-bit Support
Windows 8.1 8, 7, Vista, and XP (all Editions)