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Download BMW ISTA-P v2.51.3

VMware without ICOM emulator + expert mode
Description : Programming system ISTA / P is an application network ISPI and stands for Integrated Service Technical Application / Programming ( Technical Appendix for integrated service / programming). With ISTA / P can be encoded by all service , requiring input and programmable access code control units in vehicles BMW Group.
Extras. Information : Icom emulator is required. Run through the pictures. Expert Mode is already present in the assembly . Extra manipulation is required. Files that are in the folder expert mode for review. Expert mode - possibility to program individual blocks ( individually ) .
If for some reason you do not work , use the expert mode prilogaemoy instructions for setting up expert mode at your own risk!
Do not contaminate the subject blank message . Writing on the case , we understand , poking around .
Year / Issue Date : 2013
System requirements : Windows XP, Windows 7 , Windows 8 x32, x64 + installed VMware
Language: Multilingual (Russian present )
Medicine: Disinfected