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Download ARCHLine.XP 2014 -ENGiNE

ARCHLine.XP is a Building Information Modeller, which supports the creation of planning- and implementation documentation, tender plans, interior design plans, calculation of energy performance of buildings, and quantity take-offs.
ARCHline.XP includes an industrial strength 2D CAD command set, complete architectural 2D/3D objects such as walls, doors, windows, slabs, stairs, roofs, objects, terrain, and surveyed rooms. Macros, applications in Pascal language allows you to create customized functions, or to use functions developed by other users.
The 3D model is generated out of floor plan, and sections, elevations are continuously updated. The building model is editable both in 2D and 3D views.
Presentation capabilities support all phases of the design process, even 3D model integration in real photos.
ARCHline.XP is using LightWorks Rendering Engine made by LightWork Design. Rendering supports advanced visual features including high performing photorealistic rendering with super-sampling anti-aliasing.
ARCHLine.XP imports and exports the DWG data format - used commonly by architects, engineers, designers, and virtually all CAD-related software applications. ARCHLine.XP uses the latest DWGdirect libraries, based on the industry standard OpenDWG, which is widely supported by commercial software vendors, and the engineering community. ARCHLine.XP reads, and writes DWG 2007 files.
The ARCHline.XP supports DWG, DXF, DWF, 3DS, C4D, VRML, OBJ, TGF, EMF, JPG, TIF, GIF and BMP file formats.
ARCHLine.XP provides cost estimation calculations so you can be informed continuously even during the design process by assigning cost parameters to the architectural elements. You can prepare cost estimations with quantitative reports subtotaling the categories in Excel format, which enables the data to be processed later.