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Download Rovi TotalCode Studio 3.0.1 Build 15616

Whether your content is consumed on tablets, smartphones, TVs or set-top boxes - or if it's delivered through different channels, such as broadcast, cable, satellite, the internet or IPTV - TotalCode Studio has you covered. TotalCode Studio can help post-production studios, broadcasters, non-linear editors and DVD and Blu-ray Disc authors succeed with efficient workflows and stunning video quality.
A plug-in-based application that incorporates Rovi's MainConcept codecs into a single piece of software, TotalCode Studio is practical and efficient. Due to its many ready-to-use presets and multi-purpose advanced encoder settings, TotalCode Studio enables you to convert your video and audio into numerous formats, so it can be used in nearly all professional market segments - from content producers and consumer electronics manufacturers to broadcast and satellite communications.
Many powerful features, such as watch folder automation, batch list encoding, as well as audio and video filters - color correction, timecode insertion, and audio normalization - make TotalCode Studio an ideal tool for production environments requiring professional quality and performance.
Support for Popular Delivery Formats
Export multiplexed files using a wide range of popular formats including H.264/AVC QuickTime (for Apple iPad and iPhone), Adobe Flash, H.264 3GP, HTML5, DVB, and DivX.
Watch Folder Automation
Configure folders with predefined encoding parameters and leave TotalCode to automatically process incoming media whenever it is added.
Built-in Video and Audio Processing
Adjust source files with color correction, timecode insertion, audio normalization, video scaling, and frame and sample rate conversion.
Scalable Codec Support
Add more advanced video and audio codecs (e.g., JPEG2000 and MVC for Blu-ray 3D) as needed, through seamless upgrades that utilize the same familiar TotalCode Studio encoding interface.
Batch List Encoding
Execute multiple tasks efficiently by setting up a batch process for files that use specified encoding presets and output formats.
TotalCode Preset Exchange
Maintain encoder settings across your TotalCode systems including TotalCode Professional and Enterprise by quickly sharing encoder presets between systems.
Video Codec Support:
H.264/AVC, CUDA H.264/AVC, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4 Part 2, VC-1, DivX, DivX Plus, H.264/AVC 10-bit, Intra Class 50 &100?, DVCPRO HD?, JPEG2000?, MVC?
Audio Codec Support:
AAC and AAC HE, PCM, LPCM, MPEG Audio, WMA (Windows Media Audio), Dolby Digital Plus?, Dolby Digital Professional?
Format Support:
DivX, DivX Plus, H.264/AVC QuickTime, Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD, Sony PSP, Adobe Flash F4V, HTML5, Sony XDCAM HD, Sony XDCAM EX, Sony XDCAM IMX, SVCD, VCD, DVB, ATSC, HDV, D10, MPEG-4 HD, MPEG-4 3GP, H.263 3GP, H.264 3GP, WMV-compliant (VC-1), AVC-Intra Class 50 & 100?, Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra?, Panasonic P2 DVCPRO?, DV?, DVCPRO 25/50/100?, Sony XDCAM DV?, JPEG2000 2k?, JPEG2000 4k?. Blu-ray 3D?
Video Filtering & Processing:
- Image Flipping
- Cropping
- De-interlacing
- Brightness
- Contrast
- Gamma
- Timecode Insertion
- Logo burn-in
Audio Filtering & Processing:
- Normalization
- Volume
- Delay
- Dynamics processing