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Download Yamaha Motif XF for Kontakt 5.2.1 PROPER

Yamaha Motif XF for Kontakt 5.2.1 PROPER
- 6 DVD (26 GB) Motif XF "revisited" sounds.
- Designed for Kontakt 5.2.1 or later (PC/Mac).
- 1143 NKI (937 different sounds, several fit in two categories).
- 68 NKI Drum Kits (aka "Voice Drum").
- Can be installed as Kontakt library (custom wallpaper / .nicnt file included).
- Instruments can be loaded from Kontakt file browser.
- Lossless compressed samples (using Native Instruments' ncw format).
- All sample paths and PAN parameters are fixed.
- Simple UI (Motif XF/ES display-like) and wallpaper for every instrument.
- Custom "XF" icon for every instrument.
- Three instrument sets (different folders/files naming schemes).
- Non-XF compliant (like Fantom G samples) or unknown are discarded.
- Homemade PDF documentation (English & French User Guide + "Voice List").
Commercial product by TrueNotes Samples