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Download MasterCAM X8 17.0.16257.0 HF1

Mastercam gives your shop the best possible foundation for fast and efficient routing. From general purpose methods such as optimized nesting and block drilling, to highly specialized toolpaths including 5-axis trimming, Mastercam Router delivers a comprehensive routing package to fit your needs.
2D Machining
3D Machining
In Mastercam Router, you have complete control over toolpath type, tool motion, and tool axis. In addition to general-purpose multiaxis machining, Mastercam also has specialized Add-Ons for multi-bladed parts (Mastercam Blade Expert) and cylinder head ports (Mastercam Port Expert).
Other Mastercam Router Features...
Complete tab control including Full Tabs and Partial Tabs.
Automatic Toolpathing links you to a variety of top design software.
Win32, Win XP/Vista 64-bit are not supported!!