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Download PointCab Software PointCab 3D Pro 3.3 R0

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
No matter if you need a 2D evaluation, 3D analysis or a neat project documentation - PointCab provides you an intuitive point cloud analysis without the need of training. Focus on your planning activities and not on analyzing laser scan data. Allow yourself to be convinced and try our powerful software within your point cloud projects.
Saving of time in data analysis
A quick and cost-effective analysis of your point cloud is the prerequisite for a successful management of a laser scanning project. Of what avail is the gain in time during the scanning if it is undone by a time consuming analysis process?
One of the most important premises during the development of PointCab was to develop an analysis software that analyzes a point cloud faster than a laser scanner can capture it. Believe it or not, our latest version 3.0 analyzes a normal scan within 30 seconds. Furthermore, PointCab obtains amazing results even on older machines and on laptops.
Clear interface and easy handling
Of what avail are best features if you cannot find them or if it's hard to comprehend the dependencies among these features? For a long time, we have tested, we had intensive discussions with our customers and we took our development to its limits.
Today, we are proud of an easy user interface that allows a beginner and a professional to analyze point clouds quickly and efficiently - without trainings costs. Up to now, we haven't sold any PointCab training. Simply a short phone call or an online meeting with our support team suffices to start with PointCab.
No point cloud import
Again and again, you hear about a time-consuming import of point clouds in various CAD systems. Is it really necessary to make that efforts? And shall I do if my CAD software doesn't support the import of a point cloud?
With PointCab, you analyze your point cloud out of your CAD drawing. Thus, you save the whole data import. Moreover, your drawing file keeps usual file sizes. Following this, your CAD software doesn't need a point cloud interface and you don't need a software update for your CAD software.
Click on points never again
We are always amazed when customers tell us that they heard that they could simply click on the measurement points and connect them manually. Measurements points that have been automated in the form of a grid by a scanner? Millions of single measurement points?
With PointCab, you don't deal with single measurement points. In Fact, our software analyzes each measurement point and creates a layout, section, poly lines, profile lines, DTM, meshes, project documentation etc.
Less is more
Already after the first project, you get a great impression relating to the volume of data in laser scanning. Raw data, imported point clouds, several revisions of the processing status, an entire point cloud in the form of a database - Data handling quickly becomes a challenge.
But if you consider a PointCab layout for instance, you will realize that it is up to 1000 times smaller than the raw data of the point cloud. Our 3D results often have a volume of only a few megabytes - a result exact as the point cloud with a file size reduced to the essential.
DWG, DXF, DAE, PDF - Our interfaces
Point cloud format 1 is compatible with CAD solution a, point cloud format 2 is compatible with CAD solution b etc. ... Do you know that? Again and again, you have to save the data in a new format and convert. But why?
We simply added standard interface to our PointCab tools. Thus, there are no changes during the work with point clouds. Simply import our DWG file or send our project demo in PDF format to your customer.
Supported point cloud data formats (for import):
Supported CAD-data formats (for export):
System requirements
- Minimum 1 GB RAM
- 1,0-GHz Intel compatible CPU
- Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 // 64 bit
- Minimum 10 GB free disk space
(Premium Recommended)
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