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Download Windows 7 Black v.28 ENTERPRISE x64 2014

I use his releases now as base because I am lazy, no just kidding because he is the master of Updates. 23 removed one kept, Windows 7 ENTERPRISE SP1 x64 SP1 KMS activated. I use Enterprise now because Daz loader is deprecated and Black listed.
ssWPI: By Nightwolfe, aka Ron, aka Glenn, aka ReturnofNights.
I pillaged and Plundered Lastos repository for Setups Apps and made several of my own, the amount of apps in this build is very large.
Also, a large amount of the apps in the ppAppsInstalls folder don't run any background Services or start up entries, so using them is
better to keep processes down to only a few. Alot of apps from repo I had to rebuild to update them.
I also added Driver packs from Driver Pack Solution 14.11 November Edition
The video Driver packs were extracted and added to install.wim
The rest of the packs install at oobe pass via SAD ( Stand Alone Driverpack utility).
Driver Packs Included:
Silent Apps: Total: 119 Apps, just install what you will use.
PP Apps: ( Thininstalled Apps)*
* These are basically Portable Apps that are installed to a central folder in
root of you system drive and shortcuts are automatically added to the start
So when not in use, all these apps don't run any processes or have startup
SS Apps: (Full install Apps)
The following moved to folder in package because they have unkillable popups after install:
(Premium Recommended)
All above links are interchangable. No password