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Download Wizardbrush

Graphics editor, intended for creation describe vividly. Allows to draw pictures, paint them, process digital pictures. There is a lot of different instruments for painting: a pencil, oily brush, aquatic brush, swept, charcoal, "magic stick", marker and great number of other brushes. The prepared pictures can be saved in the formats of TIFF, PNG and TGA together for subsequent treatment of layers in other graphics editors. There is a lot of built-in filters, allowing to retouch pictures or pictures for a few simple steps.
Many unique natural painting tools
This extraordinary painting software, Wizardbrush, comes with many painting tools, including pencil, oil-paint-brush, water-color brush, chalk, charcoal, magic wand, mark pen, and many other brush tool.
Alpha image file read/write feature
You can save your picture in TIFF, PNG and TGA with alpha channel. That is useful to exchange layers with some professional image editing software such as Photoshop.
Lots of filter built-in
You can retouch your painting or photo with a simple click to get lots of amazing effects on your work.